Spring bookshelf

Spring bookshelf

Welcome to our Spring Bookshelf, featuring a fantastic range of fascinating reads and special offers.
100% of the profits from everything in our Bookshelf go directly to the Army Benevolent Fund. Your purchase will help us continue our work supporting soldiers, former soldiers and their families for life.


Toy Soldier signed by Iain Brown - Army Benevolent Fund


Toy Soldier signed by Iain Brown

Based on real events, Toy Soldier is the example of a young soldier with all his life before him, who repeatedly lays his own life on the line. It was just what you did.

The heroic escapades of Jamie descriptively tell how he and the men about him, in action, without question think first not of themselves. Readers are asked if the bravery was foolhardy or meritorious, and to question what they might have done.



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