Bookshelf Newsletter April

Bookshelf Newsletter April

In April 1982, Argentinian forces invaded the British overseas territory of the Falkland Islands, which led to 74 days of conflict.
This year marks the 40th anniversary and we are commemorating all those who fought and sacrificed their lives to liberate the islands and restore British sovereignty.

Discover more including stories, upcoming events to mark the anniversary and a special podcast on our Falklands 40 page.

As part of Falklands 40, we have curated a selection of the best books on the Falklands conflict for the ABF The Soldiers' Charity Bookshelf, including a very special signed edition of Sir Max Hasting's modern classic.



Find out all details about the 10 week conflict which took place in 1982 from 'The Battle for the Falklands' - a thoughtful and informed analysis from journalist and military historian Sir Max Hastings and political editor Simon Jenkins. Updated and republished for the 40th anniversary, this account of the conflict is a modern classic of war reportage and the definitive book on the subject.

And exclusively for ABF The Soldiers' Charity Bookshelf, we have a limited number of books signed by Sir Max Hastings available to buy. Get yours now, these won't last long.

'Skilfully woven with Simon Jenkins' sharp political passages are Max Hastings' wonderful dispatches' Sunday Times


This month, we would like to ask for your help as we plot our future course in the wake of the pandemic. We would like to understand what you, our valued supporters, think about our work and how we could improve what we do. We genuinely could not operate without you and therefore highly value your opinion as we set our future strategy.
With that in mind, we would be so grateful if you could take a few minutes to complete this short survey. Your responses will be stored on a secure server in a confidential and fully anonymous way; we can reassure you that no personally identifiable data will be collected. Your feedback would really help us and be greatly appreciated.


We’re looking for readers to contribute book reviews. If your review is featured, you’ll receive a £20 voucher to spend at ABF The Soldiers' Charity Shop.

So if you'd like to submit a review of a book from our shop or another Army related books that you love (and be in with a chance of a £20 voucher), please email your review to
They should be 150-300 words and we will credit your name (please specify if you’d prefer first name only) and location.
Coming up in May's newsletter: CELEBRATING THE QUEEN'S PLATINUM JUBILEE   


When Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands, Denzil, then aged 25, was a Lance Corporal in the Anti-Tank platoon, 3rd Battalion, The Parachute Regiment (3 PARA) who fought in the Battle of Mount Longdon.

During this ferocious battle, Denzil was hit by a mortar bomb and suffered serious injuries, losing his left leg. These injuries later affected Denzil’s personal mobility because of difficulties in accessing his home due to a steep and uneven driveway. In 2021, our charity helped to fund the resurfacing of Denzil’s driveway, which gave him more independence in his daily life.

Denzil says “I was desperate for a new driveway, stopping me getting out, that bad that I couldn’t go out in the wheelchair. My wife and I are both very thankful to ABF The Soldiers’ Charity for their funding support and I am very grateful for this assistance to give me independence and well-being.”
As the Army's national charity, we are there to support soldiers, veterans and their families in need. Find out why your support matters by reading our 

Thank you for your ongoing support.
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